Winter on Mackinac

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Are you wanting to come to Mackinac for the winter season? But don’t know what to do while on Mackinac Island? 
Once we have snow on the ground, it’s a great time to hit the trails with your cross country skis or snowshoes. If you don’t have either of those, you can still just hike - you just have to be aware of how deep the snow is on the trails! It’s so much fun to experience your favorite Mackinac trail while on the snow - it’s a completely different experience! 
There are snowmobiles and horses still on the island, so you do have to be aware of others on the roads / trails as well. 
If you are coming to stay for the night, The Above Mackinac Condos above Doud’s Market are available for reservations all winter long.  Since Above Mackinac Condos are right above Doud’s Market, you won’t have to walk far to stock up on groceries for your entire stay on Mackinac! 
The Mackinac Island Visitors Bureau is always up to date on what stores and restaurants are open during the winter season. 
If you’ve never experienced Mackinac Island in the winter, maybe this is the winter to come up for a few nights and see what it’s like!