The Perfect Fall Day on Mackinac

Posted by Nicole Doud on

We love October days on Mackinac! The weather is cooler, but it has been so sunny throughout the month of September.
If we were to plan a perfect day on Mackinac, this is what we would do:
Wake up from our stay at the Above Mackinac Condos, right above Doud’s Market and Good Day Cafe. 
Head to Watercolor Cafe for wonderful breakfast and fantastic views! Watercolor Cafe is right on the water and a lovely little cottage turned into a cafe and art studio. It’s a spot you don’t want to miss while on the island!
After breakfast, head to the Cannonball at British Landing for delicious donuts. They only make the donuts on select days and they run out early, so you have to time it just right!
Continue riding around M-185 to complete the 8.2 mile ride, or head onto the roads inside the Island, taking the less-traveled path. There are so many amazing views and paths to explore off M-185. If you’re looking for a new path to take, grab a map from the visitors bureau for a new way to go.
After the leisurely bike ride, head to Fort Mackinac for a tour of the Fort. This is such an overlooked part of Mackinac Island’s history that you definitely want to explore!
Once leaving Fort Mackinac, take a walk downtown to visit many of the shops. If you need a snack, stop in Douds Market for a tasty afternoon treat - or if you just want a coffee, head to Lucky Bean on Market Street! 
There are so many incredible things to do on Mackinac - no matter what time of the year you come! We especially love fall and can’t wait to hear about your adventures on Mackinac!