Patrick Doud's Irish Pub

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Step back in time to 1900 - and imagine The Bogan Drug Store on Main Street. In 1922, Patrick Doud replaced this structure with the current building that is still standing today. 
We are excited to announce that the location of the former Bogan Drug Store will open in this spring as Patrick Doud’s Irish Pub!  The pub will honor the man who helped contribute to build a number of Mackinac Island structures that are still standing today. 
Who exactly was Patrick Doud? 
“Patrick Doud, Mackinac Island’s principal contractor, has erected more cottages and public buildings on the island than any other.” -St. Ignace Enterprise, April 27,1922


Patrick Doud was born on Mackinac Island on November 11, 1861, the son of Stephen O’Doud and Bridget McCann.  Stephen and Bridget were members of Irish families who immigrated to Mackinac Island beginning in the 1830s.  By 1850, Mackinac Island’s population of 956 included 181 Irish residents from 26 different families. 


Patrick started his career as a carpenter in this father’s cooper shop, making barrels to support the island’s booming fishing industry. As the fish business waned and tourism surged, Patrick turned his carpentry skills towards construction projects as Mackinac Island grew into a popular summer resort.    
As a young man, Patrick worked for other contractors.  He was one of many island carpenters who helped build the Grand Hotel in 1887. Ten years later, Patrick had his own crew and was instrumental in constructing some of Mackinac Islands most important buildings including the Wawashkamo Golf Course Club House (1899), the Tootle Cottage on the East Bluff (1900), the Lawrence Young Cottage [today, the Michigan Governor’s summer resident] (1902), and Stonecliffe (1904).  In 1904, Patrick purchased the Anthony Cottage in town and converted it into the Windermere hotel. His wife, Catherine Chambers (also a descendant of Irish immigrants to Mackinac Island), ran the hotel for the next several decades while Patrick operated his construction business. The hotel, as well as several other businesses, are still operated by the Doud family today.
Beyond his accomplishments as a builder, Patrick was active in other business ventures and community affairs. He was a partner in the Doud Brothers grocery store, a realtor, and part owner of the Grand Hotel for many years.  He was also a board member of the Mackinac Island Civic Association, City Supervisor, and served as Mayor from 1923-1925.
Patrick Doud passed away on May 20,1951 at age 89.  This Irish carpenter’s legacy lives on in the many fine businesses, cottages and homes that are an important part of the Mackinac Island landscape today.   
“Mackinac is not man-made, it is real.  Some places in the world may tie it, true enough, but none can beat it.”  - Patrick Doud in the Mackinac Island News, August 17, 1940
The menu is currently in the works! Follow along on Patrick Doud’s Irish Pub’s Facebook page and Instagram account to see highlights of renovations, decorating, history and more!
Photo Credit Mackinac State Historic Parks, Content from Historian Phil Porter