Mackinac Island Favorites

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Everyone always asks about what our “Favorites” are on Mackinac Island! Today we’re sharing some of the top questions we’re asked and our answers!
Favorite Picnic Spot: A classic picnic is the perfect outing for a family, or a group of friends visiting the Island. Some of the best spots include: Marquette Park, located right next door to Douds Market or Windermere Point. We have all the essentials to make your picnic the perfect activity!
Bike Trail: Mackinac is filled with beautiful bike trails. A favorite is Leslie Avenue, that begins near Arch Rock. It winds through the east side of the island through the trees and makes you feel SO alive!
Family Activities: Some go-to family activities for the Doud family include: throwing rocks along the boardwalk, flying kits at Windermere Point, visiting the library, paying on the playground at the school or in Marquette Park, making a trip to Fort Mackinac, the Butterfly House or Butterfly Conservatory or just strolling through town!
Insider Tip: Want a little secret? Ice House BBQ is a great little restaurant behind the Island House Hotel. There’s extra outdoor space for kids and a relaxing atmosphere!
Sunset Spot: Mackinac is known for the best sunsets. A few key spots to watch the sunset include: the boardwalk, British Landing, the porch at the Grand Hotel and Sunset Rock, which is behind the Inn at Stonecliffe.
Hidden Gem: This tiny island has several secret spots! Have you ever visited or heard of Anne’s Tablet? If you walk up the stairs behind Ste. Anne’s Church to the East Bluff and turn let, you will find a trail that leads you to Anne’s Tablet, which is a small, quiet area that overlooks downtown, the bridge and the marina. It’s stunning!
Romantic Spot: There are so many ways that Mackinac is romantic! Sunset Rock is. a favorite destination, as that is where Andrew and Nicole Doud were engaged!
These are a few of the post popular questions we get asked! If you want to know more of our favorite spots or what we love to do on Mackinac, follow along on Instagram, where we are always sharing more behind the scenes details of daily life on Mackinac!