Horses & Bikes on Mackinac

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Horses and bikes are an essential piece of Mackinac Island’s history and current way of life! Have you ever stopped to think about how groceries get from the supplier to Doud’s Market? 
When getting groceries to Mackinac Island, a truck is loaded with supplies. The truck drives to the Arnold Freight Ferry Dock  in Saint Ignace to await a ferry ride across the Straits of Mackinac.
After the ferry ride, the truck is unloaded on the docks onto a horse drawn drey. The drey then transports the groceries to Doud’s Market.
The horse usually pulls on the side street, where the groceries are placed on a conveyer belt. The conveyer belt takes the groceries to the basement of Doud’s Market where they are processed and priced before being placed on the shelves! 
At first glance,  it’s easy to miss all the time and effort that it put into life on Mackinac. At Doud’s Market, we’re grateful for our entire supply chain and staff for how they work together to daily provide groceries and other essentials to residents and visitors of Mackinac Island.