Fort Mackinac

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Planning a fall trip to Mackinac Island? We have so many ideas of ways you can spend your trip! 
A spot that many people forget to visit is Fort Mackinac! It’s an amazing site on Mackinac that is full of history. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit and learn more about Mackinac’s incredible history!
There are a total of 14 exhibits for you to visit at Fort Mackinac, including some locations on Market Street. Fort Mackinac does an incredible job of making it interactive and very interesting for all ages - including the kids in the group! 
Once you’ve visited Fort Mackinac, head to Main Street for a delicious lunch! There are countless options - one of our favorite options is the Mackinac Dog House at Windermere Point! The menu is full of tasty hot dogs, hamburgers and more! For more information, check out their Instagram here: 
Spend the afternoon strolling Main Street, visiting what catches your eye, or just staying and relaxing at Windermere Point with a book from Island Bookstore.
For the perfect night on Mackinac, grab a hot pizza from Doud’s Market. Hop on your bikes and ride around the island until you find the perfect spot! Watch the sunset with your tasty pizza and other snacks, drinks and dessert that you picked up from Doud’s Market! 
Whenever you come to Mackinac, there is always something to do, even if you have visited many times in the past! 
We can’t wait to see you this fall. Be sure to follow Doud’s Market on Facebook and Instagram to see what our fall hours are and what special grab n’ go options we have!