Budget Friendly Tips for Visiting Mackinac

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Looking to visit Mackinac Island with the family, but need to keep the trip budget friendly? 
Here are a few tips:
  • Fill up your water bottles! Make sure that everyone brings their water bottle from home. There are water fountains where you can fill up your bottles at the public restrooms.
  • Pack a picnic lunch. Pack everyone a picnic lunch and eat it in Marquette Park! Marquette Park is the perfect spot to people watch, see the ferries coming and going and enjoy the sunshine on Mackinac.
  • Bring your bikes across on the ferry. If you bring your bikes across on the ferry, you have so many options for what to do all day, instead of having to return your rented bikes at a certain time.

    Take your time exploring the entire island and really get to know Mackinac inside and out! Consider making a family bucket list or scavenger hunt of places you want to hit on your biking adventure. This can be a way to inspire family creativity throughout the day! Some spots we recommend include:


    • Fort Holmes
    • Arch Rock
    • British Landing
    • Devil’s Kitchen 
    • Mackinac Island Library 
    • Mackinac Island Airport
    • The Secret Garden
If you wanted to do a family scavenger hunt, you could include items like:
  1. Tandem Biker
  2. Wedding Couple
  3. Unicyclist
  4. Freighter
  5. Mackinac Island Post Office
  6. Fort Mackinac Solider
  7. Ambulance
  8. Pirate Ship
  9. Giant Turtle
  10. Canon
Before you leave, remember your souvenir by visiting one of the many gift shops on Mackinac for a little keepsake of your fun day-trip to Mackinac!
Now that you’ve saved money all day, treat the family to a pizza from Doud’s Market and fudge or ice cream from one of the many delicious fudge shops!