A Family Business

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Doud’s Market is truly a family business. Did you know that Andrew is the 4th Generation to own and operate Doud’s Market? 

Andrew is the son of Stephen Doud and took over ownership in 2007. That winter, he completely closed Doud’s Market to do a complete remodel of the store to make things better for the customer experience and reopened in April 2007. 

The store previously was called Doud's Mercantile and Andrew changed it to Doud's Market. He brought back fresh meat, produce, a deli and full-service grocery store. 

In 2015, Andrew was fortunate to expand the market into where Alford's Drugstore use to be. He expanded into half of the space and Good Day Cafe owned by Bob Benser is currently located in the other half. 

Being able to expand was a game changer! Andrew was able to add so many more products. There are so many products we wish we could carry, but space is limited and we try to fit in as much as we can to serve our community. 

Community (and family) is at the core of everything that Doud’s Market strives to do each and every day, in every transaction. 

Doud's is open every day of the year. Andrew is a proud 4th generation owner of Doud's Market and he hopes to see his children carry on the tradition as well. You may see them working in the store even this summer!